DEYA Limited is your
professional friendly dedicated
delivery partner

DEYA offers discerning clients specialised, high-quality distribution services for the mass or addressed delivery of items such as directories, catalogues and product samples.

Nationwide Coverage


DEYA is a UK distribution and logistics company able to offer discerning businesses a genuine nationwide targeted delivery service. It specialises in national coverage being able to deliver to all 29.5 Million addresses in the UK. Over the last thirty five years, DEYA has delivered over 785 Million items to UK addresses.


Reliable, Innovative, Trustworthy

During the last thirty five years, DEYA has earned a reputation for reliability, innovation and trust across multiple retail and publishing clients. If your business is looking for an innovative cost-effective delivery partner, able to manage complex, high volume and locally targeted shipments to demanding timescales, contact us now.

Don't just take our word for it...

Many blue-chip customers have used Deya's distribution services since we started in 1983. Meet our customers.