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Deya Client Case Study


Yellow Pages are the largest directory provider in the UK and deliver over 23 million directories annually, through 104 versions across the UK, each with assigned postal sector territories and volumes. These are delivered in the same month every year.

The requirement

Up until 2008 Yell used up to four suppliers to deliver their directories. In 2008 Yell decided they wanted to appoint a sole supplier delivery contractor. DEYA had been one of the main suppliers to Yell for 25 years, and at the time was delivering 15 million Yellow Pages per annum.

Yell wanted to streamline the delivery system by working with one supplier to produce consistent quality. They also needed to minimise the risk of working with a sole supplier by appointing a company with a proven track record of success. DEYA fitted this profile and were awarded the sole supplier contract in 2008, and continue to operate as sole supplier today.

The solution

Foremost of Yell’s requirements was DEYA’s ability to deliver large volumes in a concentrated area within agreed timescales, as timely delivery is key to Yell’s advertisers’. Yell also needed a company with genuine 100% coverage of all addresses within the UK. DEYA provides this by directly managing a flexible workforce of over 20,000 field staff who can be used as and when needed.

This means no sub-contracting to other delivery companies is required, and gives DEYA full control over the progress of delivery.

DEYA also worked with Yell to develop an independent on-line verification system, allowing every delivery route to be checked to agreed standards.

Working with DEYA as sole supplier has made it easy for Yell to streamline their operation and allow DEYA to handle not only the delivery operation but administrative tasks as well.

Good relationships have also been built up with Yell’s printers so the whole system works seamlessly from printing of the directories to receipt at our transport suppliers to distribution by our deliverers. In many cases, this means that directories printed today can arrive through your letterbox tomorrow.


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