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KCom started life as the telephone department within the Hull Municipal Corporation and in the subsequent 112 years have evolved and transformed into the business they are today. KCOM provide a range of communications and integration services and IT solutions to organisations and consumers throughout the UK, and are also the main provider of telephony services in Hull and the surrounding area. KCOM have recently carried out a thorough procurement review throughout the business, and one of the areas identified as requiring improvement was directory distribution.

The requirement

Deya were invited to tender for a one-year contract with an option to extend this by three years.

The key concern for KCOM was the quality of delivery of an extremely large directory, weighing in excess of 800g.

Deya were awarded the delivery contract in 2015, and worked with KCOM to establish the postcode footprint for the delivery of 205,000 directories. This also involved importing and processing historical delivery data from previous suppliers and incorporating into our own systems.

The result

Deya successfully completed distribution of the primary area within two weeks, and then co-ordinated a secondary delivery to additional postcodes in the following week.

Deya significantly reduced the level of customer enquiries compared to previous years, and were subsequently awarded a three-year extension of the contract.

In 2016 the level of enquiries was reduced by a further 50%.

KCOM were particularly keen to use the Deya Client Portal which allowed them remote access to real time delivery information, and meant that enquiries from their customers regarding the delivery could often be answered immediately.

The customer services back up provided by Deya was also a key factor in achieving a successful distribution.


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