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Deya Client Case Study


The Jersey Telecom Group has been operating as an independent company since 2000, with the States of Jersey having a majority shareholding. It provides telephone networks and related services across the island of Jersey to both residential and business users.

Jersey Telecom publishes a directory of around 1,000 pages each year. The directory combines an alphabetical listing, a numerical listing and a classified listing of advertisers.

For a number of years Jersey Telecom had used a local company to organise the distribution of the directories, but after high levels of complaints it was decided to put the work out to tender. DEYA’s proven record of delivering quality and value convinced Jersey Telecom to award DEYA the contract.

The solution

With 40,000 addresses on Jersey but over 80,000 directories produced and delivered, it was clear that there was great demand for the product.

Customers on Jersey value their directories highly and often want several copies, and sometimes even like to have a copy for their car or boat. Given the demand for the directory, customers can be very vocal if they are not happy with the delivery.

The directories are printed off island, and DEYA liaise with the printers and shippers to arrange delivery to a central warehouse on the island. DEYA set up and ran a team of 80 local organisers and deliverers, overseen by a full time DEYA Field Manager.

Local knowledge is essential as the quality of address information can be variable. DEYA completed delivery in two weeks.

The result

The level of customer enquiries was greatly reduced in the first year, and continued to reduce year on year.

In addition, there was a requirement to deliver 90 individually addressed directories and letters to VIP’s across the island, and this had to be completed before the main distribution commenced.


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