Prices & Quotes


Every client is different as is their delivery needs. However, to help clients obtain an indication of prices, please refer below.

A door-to-door heavyweight catalogue or directory can cost between £150 to £400 per thousand depending on the weight, targeting, location, density, time sensitivity, volume and quality of address information. This equates to between 15p and 40p per item.

Delivery to selected addresses only, that are not door-to-door, will again vary considerably depending on the criteria above. In general, DEYA services will only be competitive where a minimum of 5% of a postcode sector is nominated for delivery.

Scale of Distributions

The average directory distribution would be c200,000 units weighing in the region of 300gm, to be delivered within a two-week period to homes and businesses in a targeted geographical area. However, our service is bespoke and we have the ability to manage a wide range of distributions from small monthly magazine deliveries to large scale catalogue drops. DEYA’s largest single distribution is the delivery, over a four-week period, of 3.5M 500gm items to selected postcode sectors and individual ACORN-defined postcodes.

Request a Quote

To request a quote for your distribution, please email with your name, your company name, a contact telephone number, details of the distribution (Number of items to be distributed, coverage, item dimensions and weight) and any other relevant information. A director will respond to your email within 48 hours.


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About Our Company

We are Deya Limited, a distribution and logistics company specialising in providing targeted delivery of directories and catalogues to homes and businesses across the UK.