Prices are based on a number of variables. As a guide we can say that the cost of delivering directories is likely to be between £140 and £400 per thousand subject to the exact requirements of the campaign. Catalogues and magazines distributions start from around £110 per thousand depending on the variables involved. All prices are subject to VAT.

Deya offers a delivery down to the individual postcode which on average is about fifteen homes. For example we can deliver to SE1 1EX but not SE1 1EY if this is what the socio-economic targeting model tells us will generate the most return on your investment. If you wish to target businesses only we can work to your list or buy in lists. Business only deliveries with single items are more expensive than residential deliveries as their volume per square kilometre is low. We will also deliver to lists of addresses supplied by the client.

Yes, we can guide you through profiling your customers to match them to geographic areas so that you target the postcodes that contain the maximum number of your prospects. There is a charge for using our profiling service. If you already have profiles we can run your data against our address files and advise you how many customer prospects you will have in a particular area.

Deya delivers to all addresses in the UK as required. It is more expensive to deliver to rural areas because of population density.

Yes, we usually deliver a minimum of 20,000 items.

Deya assigns a Director to each client and they are available to manage our relationship. In addition to this we have a dedicated Customer Service team who are trained to handle any complaints that you may have concerning non-delivery or related issues. All complaints are handled between the day of receipt to a maximum of seven days dependant on the urgency of each individual case. Report summaries of all customer enquiries are given at the completion of delivery project.

A one percent phone check is conducted on each route which is more than you will get from the Royal Mail and most other operators. Our delivery contractors are only paid on receipt of satisfactory quality reports.

We regularly have our work verified by Market Research Companies such as NOP, TNS, DVS and TSL. Whilst professional research will add to your costs it will provide you with invaluable benchmarks for the quality of the distribution. Additional questions concerning the recipient's reaction to the item can be added at marginal cost.

No, we have no minimum weight but we are generally more competitive for weights above 60 grams.

Yes, it may be possible for your product to be delivered alongside the Yellow Pages, using our Yellshare service.

Deya normally asks for a prepayment of 50% of the total contract amount with the balance being paid within 30 days of completion of the job.

Deya is experienced in collecting stock from printers or receiving bulk consignments from the UK or overseas. These costs are included in the overall price quoted. We do not charge extras for the dispersal of stock to our field operatives.

No, each item is assessed on its merits and we can deliver any shape or size within reason.


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