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Deya have been a long standing supplier of directory delivery services to BT for over thirty years. In 2014 Deya were awarded a 2 year contract to deliver 4m directories per annum for BT. Two other suppliers were also awarded portions of the contract to supply directory delivery services to BT.

The requirement

In October 2015, Deya were approached by BT and asked if they could take over responsibility for the remaining contract period of one of the other suppliers, who were no longer able to fulfil the terms of the contract. This involved delivering an additional 4m directories between November 2015 and April 2016 so a total of 8m directories in all.

The result

Deya‘s 30 year relationship with BT has demonstrated that Deya always meets KPI’s, and therefore BT knew they could rely on Deya to step in at short notice and still meet targets. Deya’s flexible field force of over 200,000 people meant scaling up to meet this challenge was not a problem.

Deya’s in house IT team were able to import and route the postcode defined delivery areas using Geo Concept GIS routing software, to allow a turnaround of 24 hours from receipt of data to production of routes.

Deya completed the additional work within time and in some cases achieved early completion.

Without Deya stepping in BT would have been unable to complete delivery of all editions of the Phone Book as the third supplier was already at capacity and unable to assist.

This was the second time in recent years where Deya have been asked to step in by BT to fulfil the remaining contract of another supplier.


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