DEYA offers discerning clients specialised, high-quality distribution services for the mass delivery of heavyweight items, such as directories, catalogues and product samples.

Increasingly, DEYA are asked to deliver addressed mail and heavyweight items to specific regions, localities and postcodes nationwide. Further, delivery addresses can be selected using sophisticated targeting analysis tools and cover both business and residential customers.

DEYA has developed an extensive, reliable and flexible delivery network relying on a team of more than 24,000 well- trained field-workers nationwide.

The result? Customers obtain excellent quality and fairly priced deliveries in a professional, cost effective and well organised manner.

In recent years, DEYA has developed customised delivery services to meet specific requirements. Click here to see what we have delivered for Yellow Pages, BT, IKEA, KCOM, and SMYTHS TOYS.

Whoever we serve, the DEYA nationwide team of 1,000 local organisers and more than 24,000 delivery contractors covers the whole of the U.K.

Every client can expect a high level of account management at Director level. This is backed up by our diligent customer care team that manages all customer enquiries promptly and efficiently. Our operations team is small enough to care, whilst being large enough to provide consistently high levels of service and customer satisfaction.



DEYA offers specialised quality distribution services for the mass delivery of heavyweight items, such as directories, catalogues and product samples, to both business and residential customers.



Directories have been the core of DEYA’s success over the years and has been one of Yellow Pages and BT’s key directory delivery suppliers for over 30 years. DEYA also delivers for KCOM and in the past for Jersey Telecom and Guernsey Phone Books. DEYA has held contracts for all the other key telephony companies in the UK, and has also delivered directories in Ireland.

The service includes collection from the printers, address management, quality checks, delivery to specified addresses, returns and consultancy.

Addressed Parcels

Addressed ParcelsDEYA has the capability to support major parcel carriers by delivering addressed and signed for parcels with full proof of delivery. This plays to the core business strength of DEYA to support the planned delivery of parcels and heavyweight items to local and national addresses. In this case, DEYA would become the approved delivery agent for specified parcel or service standard combinations. This is likely to be of interest where the client requires a consistent and high quality delivery service with POD available upon request. The tracking data can be integrated with the carriers own POD and tracking systems.


MagazinesDEYA has delivered a range of magazines for major publishers, including a monthly property magazine in London and Reader's Digest. Magazines would normally be over 60 grams in weight and are relevant to businesses who require a consistent and high quality distribution.

Catalogues and Brochures

IKEA CatalogueDEYA has previously delivered millions of catalogues each summer for IKEA. The operational services are similar as for directory distribution, and can be supplemented by selective targeting to individual postcode level based on ACORN profiling. We also use MOSAIC profiling and are open to integrating with a wide range of other profiling and analytical packages that clients may use from time to time.



DEYA is a major processor of address data. Using our own bespoke software developed over more than ten years, together with a number of different address management software packages, we process over 30 million addresses each year. We can use client address files supplied in any format, addresses from the Post Office Address file (PAF), or a mixture of the two. Address data can be merged, verified, re-formatted, purged, de-duplicated, etc.

This data management expertise means we can target and manage complex delivery needs for a range of clients.



Delivery Capabilities

DEYA can deliver door-to-door to specific geographic and postcode areas. DEYA can target addresses within a specified geographic area, by postcode area, postcode district or right down to individual postcodes. Such precise targeting reduces wastage and consequently can provide a more cost-effective campaign.

We have the ability to target both business and residential addresses. We can also deliver to lists of nominated addresses supplied by the client.


Customer profiling is the ability to analyse, understand and select specific address groups. Such profiling uniquely enables DEYA to deliver to selected targeted addresses right down to individual postcode level or specific addresses. Such precise targeting reduces wastage and consequently can provide a more cost-effective campaign.

Customer Profiling assigns all UK postcodes into descriptions that have been categorised using demographic statistics and significant social factors and consumer behaviour. This enables more precise information and an in-depth understanding of the different types of consumer in every part of the country. The profiles are built up using Population Census details and various lifestyle surveys.

The aim is to help businesses improve their understanding of customers and target markets and to help them determine where they should be locating operations and directing precise marketing activity.

There are a number of profiling companies and software packages available. DEYA has preferred suppliers using ACORN (by CACI International Inc) and MOSAIC (by Experian Ltd). We have also used a number of other data profiling packages.

We can guide clients through profiling their customers to help match them to geographic areas so that you target the postcodes that contain the maximum number of prospects. If you already have profiles we can run your data against our address files and advise you how many customer prospects you might have in a particular area. To find out more, click here.



Specialised delivery of Product Samples

DEYA offers a specialised delivery service in support of product sampling to nominated locations and addresses nationwide. This can help brand owners reach consumers and help promote their brand. DEYA has delivered everything from toiletries, pet food, and even promotional umbrellas. If your business wants to target hard-to-reach consumers in specific address locations and postcodes, consider how DEYA can help you achieve your objectives.

DEYA is in a unique position to support brand owners offering promotional samples direct to consumers. With tens of thousands of trained deliverers and local organisers throughout the country we are able to offer a complete promotional sampling service from the delivery of sample products through to several stage calls and scripted interviewing. This is complemented by our skills in project management of large campaigns, address processing, profiling of customers, and rigorous quality checking, making us the natural choice for sophisticated heavy-weight sampling campaigns.

Sample Requests

Deya has the capability to provide clients with multi-stage calls.


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