Half a Billion and beyond

Deya, the specialist directory distribution company, celebrates a significant milestone in 2009 with 500,000,000 directories delivered. End to end the books would circle the equator over three and a half times. From humble beginnings in 1982 the company has developed into one of the most significant players in the UK's directory distribution market.

Deya is currently delivering approximately 40 million directories a year for the country's leading directory producers, more than it has ever done in the past. Despite directory distribution being a physical process with a person walking up someone's drive or front path to deliver, the management of the process has changed significantly over recent years and is now very high tech. Routing and digital mapping is done by the Deya IT team and much of the communication with people in the field is done via the web. Deliveries can be tracked using GPS technology, delivery quality monitored using a sophisticated web checking package and customer enquiries managed via the bespoke web portal. These are just a few aspects of the delivery operation which have changed over the years.

Andy Fisher, Deya's Director responsible for IT, commented: 'It's a much more sophisticated system in use today than when I first started in the business. We have tried to embrace new technology as much as we can in order to become as efficient and effective as possible. It's what the customer wants and it enables them to become more involved with the delivery process but at the same time reduces the amount of time they spend managing us, the supplier.'

However, in the end it's about people - delivery contractors, organisers in the field and the team of permanent staff - these are the individuals that have made Deya the success it is today. Nigel Lambie, Deya's Chief Operations Officer, said: 'It really is a great achievement. There's no question, it's down to the hard work and commitment of our permanent team of 32 and the 30,000 + individuals who contract with us each year. It's a people business and we couldn't do it without them.'


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About Our Company

We are Deya Limited, a distribution and logistics company specialising in providing targeted delivery of directories and catalogues to homes and businesses across the UK.