Delivery Dates

Where we're Delivering

Below is a list of the distributions that DEYA will be delivering over the coming months throughout the UK. If you wish to work for us on any of these please register your details with us here.

Distribution Name Estimated Start Date
Glasgow South YP20/06/2018
Ayr YP22/06/2018
Glasgow North YP25/06/2018
Stirling YP26/06/2018
Walsall YP26/06/2018
Sutton Coldfield YP26/06/2018
Birmingham Cen YP28/06/2018
Wolverhampton YP04/07/2018
Birmingham SW YP11/07/2018
Solihull YP11/07/2018
IOW YP12/07/2018
Peterborough YP17/07/2018
Newcastle YP17/07/2018
SW Scotland YP19/07/2018
Croydon YP24/07/2018
Portsmouth YP26/07/2018
Guildford YP01/08/2018
Basingstoke YP02/08/2018
Man South YP09/08/2018
Man Central YP22/08/2018
Colchester YP22/08/2018
Ipswich YP23/08/2018
Southend YP23/08/2018
Chelmsford YP28/08/2018
Oxford YP29/08/2018
High Wycombe YP30/08/2018
Exeter YP11/09/2018
Harrow YP18/09/2018
Bromley YP21/09/2018
LSE YP25/09/2018
Wakefield YP28/09/2018
Leeds YP05/10/2018
Bristol YP08/10/2018
Bath YP09/10/2018
Nottingham YP12/10/2018
Derby YP22/10/2018
Man North YP23/10/2018
Chester NW YP25/10/2018
Coventry YP30/10/2018
Wirral YP07/11/2018
Leicester YP07/11/2018
Dundee YP09/11/2018
Canterbury YP09/11/2018
Maidstone YP09/11/2018
Bournemouth YP14/11/2018
Belfast YP23/11/2018
South Ulster YP26/11/2018
North Ulster YP27/11/2018
Edinburgh YP10/12/2018
Fife YP11/12/2018
Cardiff YP13/12/2018
Newport YP14/12/2018
London North YP17/12/2018
Enfield YP18/12/2018
Bradford YP19/12/2018
Middlesbrough YP21/12/2018
Sunderland YP21/12/2018


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About Our Company

We are Deya Limited, a distribution and logistics company specialising in providing targeted delivery of directories and catalogues to homes and businesses across the UK.