DEYA invests heavily in technology to aid the efficient management and control of distributing millions of items each month.



DEYA has developed its own bespoke database for more than 20 years. Named DEYABase it manages every part of a distribution from start to finish and allows staff rapid access to any detail of a distribution, whether it be the cost of a distribution site, a customer enquiry, details of a delivery address, or a summary of completed routes. DEYABase may be adapted by our In-house developers to meet special requirements of our clients.

Contractor Portal

DEYABase links to our extensive DEYAPort web portal where Team Leaders and Deliverers can enter or retrieve data. All our route checking is web based allowing our managers access to 'real time' information on the progress of a distribution.

Client Portal

There is a separate portal for clients where they can view customized progress reports. Our DEYATrack delivery tracking system gives clients the ability to track the progress of a distribution down to postcode level, with comprehensive route checking information visualised using Google Maps™ integration.

Address Management

Address management is a central part of our business. We use both commercial software, and software developed in-house, to process, de-duplicate and reformat address data which may be supplied by the customer, or come from the Post Office Address File (PAF).

DEYA is always looking to innovate using technology. In particular we are continuously developing our web portal and DEYABase, and utilising mobile devices for real-time data exchange.


If you're a contractor looking to log into DeyaPort, please click the link below...

About Our Company

We are Deya Limited, a distribution and logistics company specialising in providing targeted delivery of directories and catalogues to homes and businesses across the UK.