DEYA is committed to being an environmentally friendly company. At our Wokingham head office we are focused on minimising our environmental impact; we extensively recycle and source our energy from renewable forms of power generation.

Waste Strategy

  • Every office has a paper recycling box - and uses it!

  • We communicate with clients and suppliers via e-mail where possible

  • The bulk of our communication with our field teams is via email and our web portal

  • Ink and toner cartridges are sent to charities that operate a recycling scheme

  • All cardboard and packing is reused and recycled where possible (bubble wrap, protective fillers, envelopes, tubes, boxes etc.)

  • Franked stamps are sent to charitable organisations to assist with their fund raising

  • Externally we make it clear that we prefer to deal with like-minded suppliers

  • Anyone that can prove they have a similar commitment to the environment will receive preferential treatment

Field Waste

In the field our delivery operation has an environmental impact but it is one that we work hard at minimising by:

  • Where possible bringing the directory stock from the printers or suppliers direct to local pick-up points. This reduces the need for double handling when directories have to be stored.

  • We use numerous local pick-up points from where delivery contractors can collect their stock and therefore minimise travelling.

  • Where possible we recruit in-area delivery contractors.

  • Our delivery routes are carefully designed to be as compact and logical to deliver as possible. We contract with local delivery organisers whose local knowledge of their distribution area means we can maximise delivery efficiency.

  • New digital technology enables us to provide deliverers with clear and easy to use route maps leading to a more efficient delivery process.

Advice for our Delivery Contractors

We encourage our delivery contractors to help us minimise the environmental impact of the delivery operation by:

  • Using fuel efficient vehicles where possible.
  • Loading vehicles efficiently in order to reduce collection trips. Vehicles should be empty when collecting books.
  • The delivery sequence for a particular route should be planned in reference to the delivery pick-up point and where a deliverer is storing directories with the aim of minimising the distance travelled.
  • When delivering in urban areas we advise delivery contractors that using a small trolley and delivering on foot is often more efficient in terms of time and cost.


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About Our Company

We are Deya Limited, a distribution and logistics company specialising in providing targeted delivery of directories and catalogues to homes and businesses across the UK.