DEYA Clients

Sometimes, you can tell the quality of a company by the quality of its client base. At DEYA, we are extremely proud of customers past and present and count many household names along the way.

DEYA has worked with many prestigious and 'blue-chip' companies over the years. See below for some of these organisations and click the links for more information

The following are some of the companies that use, or have used, DEYA's services:

  • British Gas

  • BT

  • Cable and Wireless

  • Golden Pages

  • Henley Pages

  • IKEA

  • Imperial Tobacco

  • JT

  • KCOM

  • London Agents

  • Marks & Spencer

  • Mars Pedigree

  • Mills & Boon

  • Nestlé

  • NOP

  • NTL

  • Readers Digest

  • Smyths Toys

  • Telewest

  • Thomson Directories

  • TNS

  • Yellow Pages


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About Our Company

We are Deya Limited, a distribution and logistics company specialising in providing targeted delivery of directories and catalogues to homes and businesses across the UK.

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